Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Pre Looe Festival

 This weekend for my 20th Birthday me and a group of friends will be attending Looe Festival! For those of you that don't know, Looe Festival is on a beach in Cornwall, it's not huge! The line up consists of 60 bands and these include The Skints, The Levellers and The Stranglers! However, being a festival virgin i'm thinking if I ease myself in then everything will be okay. But I don't know what I'm worrying about, because I am ever so excited about going! Especially about seeing the 3 above named bands, what a great birthday treat.

I've been reading peoples bloggers who have attended festivals and it sounds as if they have had an amazing time, but I highly doubt I'm going to look as amazing of most of you! 
I have written a to do list as long as my arm, yet I'm planning on travelling light? I don't really know how this works! I've stocked up on so much baby wipes and dry shampoo! 

Anyways the point of this post is........

Do any of you have any hints and tips for me on my first festival??

I'd be ever so grateful of any input whatsoever!!

Lots of Love 


  1. Prepare for bad weather! Make sure you have wellies! You will deffo be needing those baby wipes and that dry shampoo...I'm not sure what the festival will be like but if it's like big festivals you will need loo roll and hand sanitiser haha. I love festivals! Stay drunk and you will have an amazing time!



    1. I've got my wellies at the ready! haha. And don't you worry, I plan too :). Thank you xxx

  2. sounds great, i've never been to a festival before :) would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

  3. Ahh I love The Stranglers! Hope you have a fabulous time, I've never been to a festival so I can't offer any advice apart from hand gel haha! Portaloos = gerrrrrrms ew ew ew xxx

    1. The Stranglers were absolutely amazing!! Despite the horrendous wind and rain spirits were still high :) xx