Saturday, 27 October 2012

Catch up Time 2#

Hello fellow bloggers!

I've been on a pretty happy spell as of late and I have many reasons for this..........

My brother turned 18!! 

Now out of all honesty it has made me feel bloody old! Were both growing up so fast now and he is even taller that me these days! (Me being 5'6 and him breaching on 6'4) 
For his Birthday I made him a turtle cake, it took me a whole day! It's safe to say I was proud of it, but it is very clear that I need to work on my fondant icing techniques, but honestly it was delicious if I do say so myself. He also decided that he wanted a fancy dress party for his birthday, so that he did and the panic began of having to find a fancy dress outfit :/ Eventually me and Jake found suitable costumes, him being Sergeant Pepper (Beetles costume) and me being Red Riding Hood. Sadly Jake broke his trousers literally before this party! So he had to wear jeans with it which didn't have quite the desired effect on his outfit. However, all in all everyone had a fantastic night! My brother was drunk by 8pm, even though the party commenced at 7pm.

L - R Jake and I, Myself and Adam, Adams Birthday Cake

The other stuff

The past 2 weeks I have been living pretty much at a friends house with some other friends due to the fact that they've had a free house. It has been cushty! Chilling in a Jacuzzi even in a thunder storm, cooking up tasty home made meals together and constant banter. As you can imagine the house hasn't remained too tidy, however, over the past few days my OCD has struck and have made the house spotless from top to bottom!  

The excitement of my new job is growing and growing. Last week I met the lovely lady that I am going to be working with for lunch and we just chatted away. So the fact that I am going to be working with someone who is this lovely and easy to talk to will be a right treat compared to where I am working now (minus a few).

This Friday (26th October) was my last day at work leaving me a whole 17 days off! I swear I haven't had this amount of time off well, since school. I've made a HUGGEEEEEE! to do list. Including a sorting out my Christmas present budget and getting quite a few of the pressies sorted. The other two biggys on my list is to get on top of my coursework, as of late I have been lacking motivation, not good!! So has anyone got any tips on how to motivate yourself?? and then the second one being sorting out my room. I have a tendency to hoard stuff, I don't mean to it just happens :/ So I think I'm going to have to be a little wreckless and get this sorted or genuinely I won't be able to live in my room, as my room is the smallest bedroom in the house (damn you younger sibling!! -_-)

Monday, 15 October 2012

A-Z of Me

Whilst having my daily read of blogs I stumbled across this little challenge on Louise's Blog and thought I'd give it a little go. I'd love it if any of you have done it and would link me up for a little read.

Age: 20

Bed Size: Double! And yes I like to sleep in the middle when I am on my lonesome, OH YEAH!

Chore you hate: Ironing, its not that I hate it, its just that I take hours to do a couple of items, because I get all pedantic :/

Dogs: I have 3 border terriers. Maisy who is 13 years old, Harvey who is 8 years old and Murphy who is about 6 years old. We originally had Harvey but our other dog Toby died so we needed to get another dog quick as Harvey was pining that bad. So we ended up getting Maisy from some old people who didn't want her anymore, which I don't understand why! As she is such a sweetie. And well before we knew it Maisy was pregnant with 8 puppies, and thats how we ended up with Murphy.

L-R Maisy, Harvey, Murphy

Essential start to the day: My breakfast, I genuinely cannot function until I have got some food inside my belly. 

Favourite colour: Purple and Teal

Gold or silver: It depends on what I'm wearing really, so I don't really have a preference.

Height: 5'6

Instruments you play: Sadly none these days. I used to play the clarinet for about 4 years, and also played a bit of the piano.

Job title: At the moment I am working as a Secretary at an Estate Agents. However, I am leaving here on the 2nd November for my new job as a HR Assistant. And eeeee I am so excited!!

Kids: None and I don't plan on having any as of yet.

Live: I live in the South of England.

Mother's name: Teresa

Nicknames: Bex, Betty, Turnip.

Overnight hospital stays: Only one that I can remember when I was 15 to have my tonsils out. Worse experience of my life as the stitching came open afterwards :/ Not pretty!!

Pet peeves: I genuinely cannot abide noisy and messy eaters. Guys who choose to go out with girls that are about 5 years younger than them when they are around their 20's!! People without manners, inconsiderate and maniac drivers! Biting nails, the sound of peoples teeth banging together.Cutting finger nails (makes me gag, which I swear isn't normal)

Quote from a movie: "Hakuna Matata; what a wonderful phrase. Hakuna Matata; it aint no passing craze. It means no worries, for the rest of your days" Lion King <3

Right or left-handed: Right.

Stores you love: This tends to hop between, but its usually H& M, Zara, New Look, River Island, Topshop, Urban Outfitters. But I also like those little boutique shops where you can pick up something a bit different from those mainstream stores.

Time you wake up: I tend to like to wake up at 7am, as for some reason the longer I sleep in the morning the sleepier I am for the rest of the day. However, I have to get at least 8 hours, or else I don't function properly.

Underwear: Apparently I have an underwear obsession! I love pretty underwear, especially French knickers.

Vegetable you hate: Brussel sprouts, carrots, cucumber.

What makes you run late: I am one of those people that cannot abide being late. But the only reason I am normally late is because of Jake who is so ridiculously unorganised!

Xrays you've had: I have had about 3 on chest and I've had an MRI scan on my brain, which was one strange experience.

Yummy food you make: Cupcakes, any kind of cakey thing, deserts, pasta dishes, curry!

Oreo Chocolate Brownies, Cupcakes, Heart Fairy Cakes, My Brothers 18th Birthday Cake

Zoo animals: Oh god I am such a major animal lover of all kinds. But if I have to choose then it would definitely be a tiger and a giraffe

Tiger and Girrafe, taken by me at Marwell Zoo see blog post HERE

Monday, 8 October 2012

Catch up time

As of late I have been a shockingly bad blogger! And for that I apologise sincerely. However, after this post you will probably realise why I have been absent. But this won't be happening no more! I'm picking things up with my blog posting as I am finally out of a very nasty rut in my life also!
Clockwise from top left: Cupcakes made by Abby and I, Lucy and I on my birthday, The Skints (image courtesy of Google Images, Owl cupcakes for my birthday made by Nikki

Thursday 20th September

 Thursday I took the day off to attend a job interview, which went extremely well I felt. However, I was unsuccessful in getting the job, due to not having enough experience. Yet there is good news to this! As I scored so well in my interview and they liked me they have offered me a position as a HR Admin Assistant, but it is an apprenticeship for a year. This job will open up many doors for me and widen my knowledge further which will be ever so helpful in my final career goal of being an Events and Wedding Planner!! I'm so excited about this career prospect, and the fact that I am finally out of this rut and moving onwards.

Once I was finished with my interview I called up one of my best friends Abby, and we made cupcakes and had a good old catch up before she went away to her new job and me off to Looe Festival for my 20th Birthday! I will be sharing my cupcake recipe with you shortly.

Friday 21st September to Sunday 23rd September

On Friday morning me and four of my friends packed up our cars and headed off to Looe Festival for my Birthday. For those of you that don't know, Looe is in Cornwall and the festival is situated on the beach. Unlike other festivals there was no camping site, so we stayed at a nearby campsite.
The first night we watched The Skints! Such a great birthday present, I was right at the front against the barrier dancing/skanking the night away. They were incredible, and there is no doubt about it that I will be seeing them again live when they are on tour! When the music had all finished we headed back on the extremely steep walk back up to the campsite, to cook up a little feast and celebrate my birthday with some cheeky beverages and Abby and mine cute cupcakes!
The second night we watched the Levellers, they were fantastic, the whole crowd was dancing away to them. They even whipped out a Didgeridoo, it was literally hypnotic.
Then Sunday the rain and wind hit hard in the night. Jake and mines tent was shaking big time, Toby's tent has a little stream going through it and one of the panels on Sarah and James' tent had caved in onto James in the night. We tried to bear it out, sitting in our tent hoping for the weather to clear up, but sadly to no avail. So we decided to pack up our tents, which was literally like mission impossible I tell you! We got soaked to the bone, however, this was not going to deter us from watching the almighty Stranglers! We packed up our cars and headed down to the beach and got dancing away to the music. I'm so glad we braved the wind and rain because The Stranglers were incredible and did not fail to entertain and keep everyone on there feet despite the dreadful weather, the beach was absolutely packed!
If you ever get the chance of going to see any of the above names I really do urge you to do so, They will not  disappoint you, and are honestly worth every penny.

Saturday 29th September

Jake and my friends threw me a suprise birthday party in the garage. It was perfect! I spent it with all my nearest and dearest, drunk off lovely cocktails and munching on owl cupcakes!