Saturday, 27 October 2012

Catch up Time 2#

Hello fellow bloggers!

I've been on a pretty happy spell as of late and I have many reasons for this..........

My brother turned 18!! 

Now out of all honesty it has made me feel bloody old! Were both growing up so fast now and he is even taller that me these days! (Me being 5'6 and him breaching on 6'4) 
For his Birthday I made him a turtle cake, it took me a whole day! It's safe to say I was proud of it, but it is very clear that I need to work on my fondant icing techniques, but honestly it was delicious if I do say so myself. He also decided that he wanted a fancy dress party for his birthday, so that he did and the panic began of having to find a fancy dress outfit :/ Eventually me and Jake found suitable costumes, him being Sergeant Pepper (Beetles costume) and me being Red Riding Hood. Sadly Jake broke his trousers literally before this party! So he had to wear jeans with it which didn't have quite the desired effect on his outfit. However, all in all everyone had a fantastic night! My brother was drunk by 8pm, even though the party commenced at 7pm.

L - R Jake and I, Myself and Adam, Adams Birthday Cake

The other stuff

The past 2 weeks I have been living pretty much at a friends house with some other friends due to the fact that they've had a free house. It has been cushty! Chilling in a Jacuzzi even in a thunder storm, cooking up tasty home made meals together and constant banter. As you can imagine the house hasn't remained too tidy, however, over the past few days my OCD has struck and have made the house spotless from top to bottom!  

The excitement of my new job is growing and growing. Last week I met the lovely lady that I am going to be working with for lunch and we just chatted away. So the fact that I am going to be working with someone who is this lovely and easy to talk to will be a right treat compared to where I am working now (minus a few).

This Friday (26th October) was my last day at work leaving me a whole 17 days off! I swear I haven't had this amount of time off well, since school. I've made a HUGGEEEEEE! to do list. Including a sorting out my Christmas present budget and getting quite a few of the pressies sorted. The other two biggys on my list is to get on top of my coursework, as of late I have been lacking motivation, not good!! So has anyone got any tips on how to motivate yourself?? and then the second one being sorting out my room. I have a tendency to hoard stuff, I don't mean to it just happens :/ So I think I'm going to have to be a little wreckless and get this sorted or genuinely I won't be able to live in my room, as my room is the smallest bedroom in the house (damn you younger sibling!! -_-)


  1. aww the cake you made is adorable! glad you've been having a lovely time :) xo

  2. Sounds like you've been having a fab time lately! I LOVE the cake you made it's so cute, too cute to eat almost! Hope you're enjoying your time off xxx

    1. Thank you Josie :) it took me ages! I'm having a great time off thanks, much needed break to be honest :D xx