Monday, 17 September 2012

I think we might have our work cut out........

 Despite the initial plan of getting her back on the road ready for our trip up to Blackpool, sadly this didn't happen, due to other commitments and funds. However, never fear the work has commenced good and proper now. We are all ending up absolutely caked in oil (whether we like it or not). I can't say i'm mechanically minded at all, I probably wouldn't even know how to change a tyre if I had to! However, I'm well up for helping the lads with this, getting mucky and learning new skills. But also at the same time documenting there movements for them, and also the cars progress. 

Despite the hard work, this is seeming to be an enjoyable experience. Having the music blaring, copious amounts of tea, covered from head to toe in oil and muck, i surprisingly feel completely content. I am so excited to get this beauty back on the road and make her feel 'young' again.

Lots of Love,

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