Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sorry for my absence

My absence from the blogging has been too long, but no more! I've missed it, but I've had to be more focused on other aspects of my life.

If you have been reading my previous blog posts, you will know that I started a new job as a HR Assistant for company which delivers NVQ's for young soldiers. It has been strenuous, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable. I have been giving this new job my all, and learning an awful lot from it.

I've also had a severely tough past 18 months. Losing a very dear friend of mine, hit me for six and I withdrew myself. Due to this fact I have been told by those close to me, that I am not the same person anymore, which has led to a few strained relationships with those that I thought were the closest to me.

I am still trying to focus on getting my Diploma in Events and Wedding Planning completed, but unfortunately due to time constraints I have had to get an extension (oh the wonders of at home learning courses!!)

Just beginning typing with this short post has freed my mind and made my day seem that bit better.  So I guess I best continue with the blogging, and getting on the right path of being and feeling like me again.

So for those of you reading this.....

Please stay tuned.....

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