Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Meet Betty

Meet Betty, our beautiful 1957 Morris Minor 1000. Brought off Ebay, you could debate that we were on an
absolute whim. We travelled the 100 miles from Weymouth to Barnstaple to collect her, and believe me it was not a smooth transaction.
We had been informed that her brakes were not in good nick, and that she had a rust hole underneath. However, her engine runs like a dream. Having a look around her exterior, the rust was what you would expect on a car that's 55 years old! And being classic car lovers, and having my fiance (Jake) and our gorgeous group of friends being enthusiastic classic car renovators we were all up for the challenge of renovating. 
Jake takes the car for a test drive with the previous owner. Everything seems fine, she starts up first time without a struggle. But then Jake asks the guy to do an emergency stop, just to see how bad the brakes truly are. With that the entire right hand side brake drum snaps and there is brake fluid and the drum trailing off the car behind them! Out of pure shock of what just happens, Jake and the guy burst out into laughter.
Safe and sound at home with James' Volkswagen 1971 Beetle
that has been recently renovated by the group.
I guess you could call it luck perhaps. Well thats how we saw it, "yes, an opportunity to get a bargain". With the agreed price being at £800, we were no way going to be paying this now, after all she wasn't safe to drive home meaning we'd have to get a tow back home and also get the brakes fixed sooner than anticipated. Luckily the guy was completely reasonable, and a new price of £550 was agreed with a handshake and an exchange of money.
We managed to get her home thanks to the great help of a lovely tow truck driver, and we booked her into the garage straight away to get her brakes fixed. 

Work Commencing in the barn
She is now safely at home. Now the mission is to get her ready for the travel from Weymouth to Blackpool. I will keep you all updated on Bettys movements! Now let the renovating commence!

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